The Effects of Prolonged Sitting by PFF Team

Prolonged sitting has been vilified by the media and medical community in the past few years, and the common activity has been called “the new smoking” for its debilitating effects. Sitting is hard to avoid for some, because office jobs, research, writing and such activities demand long bouts of focused sedentary work. The spike in internet browsing and social media use over the past decade have also likely increased sedentary behavior, and many people spend hours a day streaming content.

Prolonged Sitting

The issues that researches and health care professionals take with sitting include the fact that it is a sedentary behavior, and the position of the body during sitting may cause musculoskeletal issues. Back, hip, neck and shoulder health may all be impacted by prolonged sitting. Everyone has experienced the strain felt throughout the torso and upper body after a long bout of driving or several hours completing an assignment. Additionally, very few calories are burned while sitting and the low energy expenditure could play a role in weight gain if diet is not strictly managed. The best solution to combat prolonged sitting still evades researchers and health professionals.

Multiple studies have found those who sit to be more likely than their active counterparts to suffer from diabetes, cancer, and poor cardiovascular health. Research has found that sitting is detrimental even in those who exercise frequently. It appears that it is necessary to exercise and keep sitting time to a minimum in order to decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases. Standing desks, treadmill desks, stability ball chairs and other modalities have become more common in the workplace in order to decrease sitting time. Walking is a beneficial form of exercise, but it is most beneficial at a moderate intensity where the arms are swinging and heart rate is increased. Slow walking, which is probably the type that is occurring at treadmill desks in the workplace, may be detrimental to lower back health, making it more harmful than helpful. Standing has also been found to only moderately increase energy expenditure by a few calories an hour. Its benefits may have been overestimated when standing desks were pushed by many employers.

Overcome the ill-effects of prolonged sitting

While there are still benefits to the different modalities used in the workplace and at home to get people sitting less, the simplest advice may actually be the most effective in the case of prolonged sitting. Get up and move! Breaking up sitting time is crucial, and taking simple recommendations like standing up to get coffee or water at work every hour can be beneficial. Using the stairs, parking far away from a building, and walking during lunch time are simple ways to increase energy expenditure and cut down sitting time. Daily exercise will further mitigate the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting. Multiple bouts of 10-15 minutes of walking can count for one’s daily exercise and help break up sitting time.

For some it takes time and concentrated effort to change habits. Starting with 2 or 3 small steps, such as walking around every half hour and taking the stairs, may be the best method to increase daily energy expenditure. Increasing the number of little habits like this over time will add up to a healthier lifestyle. For others, it is best to make large changes all at once. Implementing many changes on a certain date and sticking to that plan will be the most effective form of behavior change for these people. It is important to find what works on an individual basis to change behavior, and the first step is to become determined to increase energy expenditure and decrease sitting time. New information and tools are frequently available to combat sedentary behavior at home and work, so following the news and recommendations of health professionals is key. A commitment to an active lifestyle will have lifelong benefits.

Effective weight loss program – Downingtown

Physical body weight is a mental weight for many. The current lifestyle in which fast food is so popular, irregular eating habits, nature of jobs are all responsible for obesity, a common problem among people of all ages, including children. When people gain weight and start facing health problems, they wake up and realize the need to lose weight. There are hundreds of options available and from a host of advertisements people choose something hurriedly without caring to get detailed information about weight loss program and their consequences. More often than not they end up wasting time, money and energy, with the same problems confronting them once again.

weight loss program

It is a general belief that eating is directly related to weight gain. So the simplest means that people adopt immediately is to reduce the number of meals and the quantity of food per day. No doubt, a little weight will be lost in this way; it is a deliberate attempt to under-nourish oneself. However, under nourishment is not healthy and will result in further health problems. It is on account of misconceptions about weight loss that the desired results are not achieved. What you need is genuinely effective weight loss programmes.

Understanding effective weight loss

Let us get this matter of losing weight absolutely clear. Most weight loss programmes will recommend a controlled diet. These programmes equate losing weight with burning calories. So you will go for low calorie intake and increase physical exercise. Naturally, you will lose weight. The body needs calories for generating energy so it consumes the fat and the person loses considerable amount of weight. The real problem arises AFTER weight loss. When there is less calorie intake, the process of metabolism slows down. It has less work to do. After weight loss, you get back to normal diet. The decreased metabolism is unable to process the extra food consumed, and once again it gets stored beneath the skin in the form of fats. Hence, the solution is not permanent. This cannot be called effective weight loss. There is a need for an effective weight loss programme which is permanent.

Effective weight loss programmes focus on overall health and not just on what and how much you eat. They show you ways to get rid of weight permanently. The programmes recommend healthy behaviours that you can follow daily.

How will you choose an effective weight loss program?

Before joining a weight loss program, you can ask the following questions to the professionals:

  • Do I have to follow a diet plan prescribed by you?
  • Will there be group instructions or will there be individual training/
  • Is it necessary for me to purchase any special food or diet supplements?
  • How long will it take to start getting results?
  • Is the programme very hectic and tough?
  • Will the programme make me feel exhausted, or will it refresh me?
  • What is the duration of the programme?
  • Does it include intake of any drugs or medicines besides a specific diet?
  • Will the programme match with my lifestyle?
  • In case I attend parties or go on holidays, will the programme be affected?
  • What will happen in case of changes in work schedule, illness or injuries?
  • How long will I have to continue the programme? What will be the total cost?
  • What will happen after completion of the programme?
  • Will the programme be monitored while it is on?
  • How will the programme affect my current medical issues?
  • Will I have to undergo any medical tests before the programme?
  • Will there be any kind of follow-up?
  • Can I get help if any problems arise later?

This list is not exhaustive. You can add more questions if you have any. But make sure that you have everything clear until you agree to a weight loss programme.

Dos and Don’ts for losing weight:

Do’s Don’ts
Eat fresh vegetables and fruits Do not eat sugar and starchy foods
Eat enough food Do not overeat
Eat protein foods like meat, fish and eggs Do not skip meals
Eat 3 to 4 meals per day Do not consume fatty foods


Most effective weight loss program

The most effective way to lose fat is balancing hormones and neurotransmitters, detoxifying the body and balancing vitamins and minerals in a way that gets you into an incredible fat burning zone. The weight loss program must be a permanent solution. After completion of the program, you must not start gaining weight. The program must be based on scientific principles. The weight loss program must be designed especially for each individual; there is no common standard program. It is necessary for the health providers to co-ordinate with personal physicians. Fitness program must not disrupt the medical treatment that you may be taking.

Diets and programs that promise to help you lose weight are advertised everywhere—through magazines and newspapers, radio, TV, and websites. These programmes may not be safe. Some programmes consist of intake of pills or capsules regularly, without any exercise or diet plans. This may sound attractive because you do not have to do hard workouts or compromise on food habits.  The pills are harmful to health. People suggest wearing belts while you rest. Obesity would not have been a serious problem if losing weight would have been so simple. The side-effects of fake programmes are more serious than weight.

Losing weight does not happen overnight. It happens gradually, over a period of time.  One has to change one’s lifestyle for maintaining health and weight. It is a lifelong procedure, not temporary. It is a way of living, a disciple way of life. God has given us a body and it is up to us to maintain it and keep it fit. Patience and control are two qualities that help; no matter how much you are tempted to eat sweets and delicacies, you must control yourself.

Passion for Fitness offers a genuine weight loss program that show results in a short time. We have introduced ground breaking technology that helps you to lose weight quickly, easily and in a healthier way. We identify the weaknesses in your body based on thorough check-up by our experts. We find out the balances and imbalances so that we know exactly what to put right. Our weight loss program strengthens your body to optimal health. We guarantee that you will not start gaining weight when you stop the program. Your personal health provider will suggest a diet plan and change it periodically as you lose more and more weight. Our experts know human physique so well; they will make sure that there are no side effects or harm. There is no weight loss program as effective as passion for Fitness, because we cherish a real passion for fitness.

Improve your Fitness Level with Cardio Zone Training

Cardio zones training refers to heart rate that is the number of heart beats per minute. The term ‘cardio zone’ came into existence when gym equipment manufacturers designed a device to display red and yellow graphs on the consoles of treadmills, ellipticals and bikes. As per the zone theory, low intensity exercise helps to reduce fat. What actually matters is the amount of calories burned during exercise and the amount of fat utilized to burn the calories. Goals vary with regard to exercise; some of the goals are described in the following way – reducing fat, reducing weight, burning calories, staying fit. Whatever way you put it, the goal is the same that is staying physically fit and healthy. At the same time it is true that the intensity and duration of workout varies from individual to individual. The same plan does not work universally and over exercise can be dangerous. The zones enable an understanding of the intensity levels.

cardio zone

Cardio zones

Zones depend on your BPM ( beats per minute). Heart rate is measured by BPM. BPM helps to measure your fitness level and intensity of exercise. You can calculate the exercise intensity that suits your body in a simple way. Just subtract your age from 220. So if your age is 20, your target heart rate (or maximal heart rate) will be 200. On the basis of your target heart rate, you can decide the zone that matches your fitness goal.  There are 5 target heart rate zones that match specific fitness goals. It is advisable to stay within the limit of your target heart rate zone in order to reap genuine benefits from your workout.

The 5 Cardio zones are as follows:

Zone 1 – EASY:

  • 50-60% of Max HR
  • Benefits: Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, ideal for low-intensity programs and recovery.
  • Calorie Burn: 3-7 per minute.

Zone 2 – FAT BURN:

  • 60-70% of Max HR
  • Benefits: Recommended for weight loss and calorie burn, ideal for fitness beginners.
  • Calorie Burn: 7-12 per minute.

Zone 3 – CARDIO:

  • 70-80% of Max HR
  • Benefits: Improve aerobic and cardio fitness, ideal for increasing endurance over long distances.
  • Calorie Burn: 12-17 per minute.

Zone 4 – TRAINING:

  • 80-90% of Max HR
  • Benefits: Improve anaerobic fitness and muscle strength, ideal for athletes who are training and building muscle.
  • Calorie Burn: 17-20 per minute.

Zone 5 – MAX EFFORT:

  • 90-100% of Max HR
  • Benefits: Improve maximum performance and speed, ideal for short bursts of intense activity.

Calorie Burn: 20+ per minute.

The Fat Burning Zone

Simple, common exercises like walking or cycling keep the heart rate in the fat burning zone. Since the intensity of these exercises is low, you have to exercise for a longer duration to burn the same amount of calories as compared to higher intensity workouts. Extremely obese people should go for low density cardio zone workouts. They can proceed to high intensity workouts gradually and slowly.

Improving your fitness level with cardio zone

When you practice a high intensity cardio zone workout the body uses carbohydrates as fuel. Although you do not burn fat, you burn substantial amount of calories. You can choose the cardio exercise that you like most – jogging, running or elliptical.
Here are some recommendations to improve your fitness levels with cardio zone:

  • First build a strong and solid cardio foundation
  • Perform 30 to 60 minutes of cardio exercise at 60 to 75 % Max Heart rate
  • Continue until you maintain a steady heart rate
  • Increase the intensity gradually
  • Include interval training in your workout plan
  • 20 -60 minutes of cardio exercise
  • Intensity 60 to 90% of maximal heart rate
  • 3 to 5 days a week
  • Focus on quality of exercise, not quantity
  • Change your cardio exercise periodically
  • Increase the difficulty level
  • Do not exercise hard for several days continuously
  • After two days of high intensity workout, perform a low intensity schedule one day.
  • Allow time for your body to adapt to one level before you proceed to the next
  • Keep increasing the time and resistance
  • Consistency in exercise is the key
  • Pause a while and listen to your body; it will tell you what is the right thing to do.

Improving fitness level cannot be done with a magic wand instantly; it happens over a period of time. Let your body adjust to the fitness schedule. Interval training is a useful strategy. The basis of training zones is the threshold. There are 2 thresholds: aerobic and anaerobic. The maximum intensity at which you can exercise without the blood lactate level rising is the aerobic threshold. The maximum heart rate that you can sustain for an hour is your anaerobic threshold.  Calories and distance are both correct metrics to measure your performance, but adjusting your effort will help improve your overall heart health. Exercising in both zones leads to weight loss. The cardio zone, with its higher intensities will help you burn more calories in a shorter duration. The FITE principle also works well.

F – Frequency

I – Intensity

T – Type

E – Enjoyment

Passion for Fitness will offer the best in cardio workouts, around the clock, to fit your busy schedule.  Our newly expanded studio provides a cheerful, energizing venue for the workout class of your choice.  Get a calorie-burning, sweat-filled, fun workout in just an hour!  A variety of dynamic classes will be offered throughout the day and evening, by qualified fitness professionals. After every training session you will feel as if you have really achieved something. Mind and body will be on the right track.

PFF is glad to introduce the newest trend in incumbent honking. It helps to melt away body fat, burns twice the amount of calories than any stationary bike, and strengthens the core. It is the best interval training workout machine in the market.

Our cardio zone personal trainers are always there to attend to you. They are caring and compassionate and encourage you when you are struggling; because cardio training is indeed hard. So hurry up and join PFF for a healthy, comprehensive cardio fitness schedule prepared just for you.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

The importance of health and exercise is universally accepted. Keeping your body fit and healthy is an issue which is everybody’s concern with no exceptions. You cannot enjoy life if you are not physically fit. Physical fitness is something that cannot be purchased; it has to be achieved, earned through hard efforts. Indeed, just as there is no short-cut to success, there is no short-cut to health. The more you rely on medicines and drugs, the nearer you go towards the end. Swallowing pills may be easy but medicines are unnatural intakes and can have side effects. The best alternative is to eat good food, take sufficient exercise and lead a natural and happy life.

personal trainer

There is a general misconception about exercise, or rather lack of awareness, that you can choose any kind of exercise with which you are convenient. Most people take walks, ride cycles, swim, and jog or perform yoga. No doubt exercise of any kind does carry some kinds of benefits. However, modern lifestyle is very complex. The physique of each individual differs on account of several factors. Hence, each individual needs to follow a customized fitness programme under the guidance of an expert.

Modern life and health issues:

  • Some people do hard physical work like carrying loads on the back or shoulders. They may experience back pain or their spinal column may get damaged eventually.
  • People who have to drive vehicles for long distances experience pain in specific parts of the body. They have to put on brakes, change gears, and paddle etc. which creates pressure on the limbs. Driving in traffic jams also leads to stress.
  • Some people are required to spend long hours in a workshop where there is too much noise. The ear drums may get seriously affected in such cases.
  • Some people just sit on chairs in offices and attend to files and figures. Sitting, driving, riding, stitching, knitting are all unnatural activities and they affect body parts.
  • Some spend time working on computers. Their eye sight is affected in addition to back-ache.
  • Mental health is as important as physical health. People working on high positions have a lot of responsibility which may lead to mental stress.

Thus, we find that the profession you follow has certain demands. In order to fulfil those demands, you happen to utilize your body parts and organs without realizing the damage you cause to yourself.

The organs that get affected depend upon the nature of your work and the amount of time you spend on work. Hence, when you think of fitness, you have to think of a plan that will take into account your professional demands on your body and mind. You need to take advice from a trained, professional trainer who will suggest what kind of exercise is most suitable for you. A common formula cannot apply to everybody.  Wisdom lies in appointing a personal trainer.

Who is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction. Personal trainers suggest fitness plans, give advice regarding diet, set goals, motivate clients, and provide feedback and accountability to clients.  Trainers also measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments.

Why hire a Personal Trainer?

  • A personal trainer assesses your personal needs and prepares a fitness programme that suits you.
  • A personal trainer will advise you regarding the intensity of exercise. You may be over excited as a newbie and do rigorous exercise. This may harm you instead of being beneficial.
  • Your goal may be reducing weight. In an attempt to achieve your goal faster, you might exercise for a long time morning and evening. Your personal trainer knows the duration of exercise that will give you positive results.
  • A personal trainer studies your medical reports minutely in case you have high/low blood pressure, diabetes or any other ailment. Accordingly, he will plan your exercising schedule.
  • Your trainer will monitor your progress. He maintains a record of the weight gained or lost within a specific period of time. If he observes a problem, he will make changes in your fitness programme.
  • The trainer sets goals for the client. He takes feedback after assessment and proves the success of his programme.
  • You may get injured if you do not consult a trainer. It implies that the kind of exercise is not suitable for you.
  • If you decide on your own the kind and duration of your exercise, you are likely to feel tired and worn out. The aim of exercise is to make you feel fresh and energetic. The trainer alone can tell you what is wrong with your exercise.
  • A personal fitness trainer will also suggest a diet plan in case he thinks it is necessary for you.
  • A trainer will motivate you and encourage you so that you continue to exercise consistently and do not quit exercising half way.

Hence, it is always safe and wise to appoint a qualified trainer and avail of the benefits of his expertise. Why take unnecessary risk and create more complications? After all, your fitness is a key factor in your happiness.

Enjoy the benefits of personal fitness training by registering with Passion for Fitness, which is the best and ideal fitness centre in Exton.

Since 2005, Passion for Fitness has been a private personal fitness training studio, which started in Phoenixville, PA and after steady growth in just two short years a second location opened in Exton, PA. We have prestigious clients pouring in large numbers from neighbouring areas of Chestersprings,  Collegeville, Oaks, Downing Town, Lionville. We are on the path of expansion and in search of franchise partners. Each client spells our success story.

Our personal trainers and trained and duly certified. Our trainers apply fundamental exercise science principles to design fitness programs that help meet health and fitness goals in public and private settings. These trainers teach you how to reach your individual fitness goals and they are responsible for using and promoting safe exercise prescriptions. Personal trainers keep up to date with current industry standards and practices by completing periodic continuing education requirements.

We offer services like Overweight Fitness Assessment, Registered Dietician Meal-Plans, Safe, Basic Resistance Exercises and Weekly Weigh-ins. We strictly follow a programme starting with screening of clients, implementation of the programme and followed by assessment, implementation of changes and modifications, re-assessment and so on until the goals are reached.

Try the Passion for Fitness free consultation offer today!!!

Kettlebells Training Exton Pa

Exercise is necessary for good health. Fortunately, there are many interesting options available for doing workouts. The common ways are jogging, skipping, cycling, swimming or simply walking. Those who prefer indoor workouts can use gym equipment or do yoga. Some people with a fancy for music prefer aerobics. There are physical differences in men and women; some types of exercises are meant only for men or only for women. Choices are based on temperament and goals. A good workout aims at exercising every part of the body. When you wish to do something different, something to exercise each part of the body, something to maintain general health and fitness, yet something that suits everybody, the best choice is kettlebells training.

kettlebells training

What is Kettlebells training?

A Kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a handle attached to the top. It is different from dumbbells. Kettlebells are small in size and you can carry them anywhere. You can do the workout indoors.  Kettlebells training is different from conventional weight training or what is called body-building. There is nothing new in kettlebell training but they are becoming very popular in fitness circles. However, kettlebells are often used improperly. Using kettlebells is a skill and it needs proper guidance and coaching from expert trainers for best results. If not used correctly, kettlebells can damage muscles or cause injuries.

Kettlebells training is focuses on 4 principles – 1. Movements, not muscles 2. Whole body functional training 3. Strength 4. Cardio and strength combined

Advantages of Kettlebells training:

  • It results in substantial fat loss
  • It strengthens every muscle from top to toe
  • It helps to build a lean and muscular physique
  • It gives greater cardio benefits
  • It develops functional strength
  • It builds mobility
  • It unifies the functions of all muscles in the body
  • It trains the body to work as a unit
  • It coordinates the functions of the body.
  • It does not harm the joints
  • It increases mental strength
  • It cures back pain
  • It strengthens joints
  • It creates spinal stability
  • It corrects imbalances
  • It burns the extra calories
  • It helps to improve stamina
  • It gives a great cardiovascular workout

All the above are health related outcomes of kettlebell training. Besides these, there are other reasons for choosing kettlebell for your fitness.

It does not become dull and mechanical like treadmill. It is enjoyable activity. It includes variation of exercises. It is suitable for any age group. Women too can benefit from kettlebell training. It enables faster recovery from illnesses and injuries. It develops incredible power and endurance. It shapes your shoulders and gives you a better posture. It is easy to learn.

Kettlebells do not cost much.  It simplifies exercise for you; you need not be worried or tensed about fitness. With kettlebells, it is so easy. Kettlebells are portable so that you can carry them anywhere. When you are on a tour, you can exercise in the hotel suite! It helps to improve the overall quality of life. It keeps you fresh and energetic. It reduces the effects of ageing. It is the best solution for busy people because it does not last for hours. Finally, kettlebell training is real fun.

The nature of Kettlebells training

The fact that kettlebell training has so many positive outcomes and the reasons why it is becoming so popular is because of the way it works. Kettlebell training is different from other forms of exercise. Kettlebell does not work on one set of muscles at a time. Most other types of exercises focus on one muscle group at a time. A considerable amount of time is needed to give each muscle group enough exercise. With kettlebells, you can work on a variety of muscles in a single type of exercise. Kettlebells consist of actions like swinging, pulling and pressing. Hence, several muscle groups can be toned at the same time and naturally. The traditional training techniques focus on the major muscle groups and neglect the related stabilizing muscles. Kettlebells targets all muscle groups at a time so they all develop simultaneously.

With kettlebells, you do not have to wait for months to see the results. There are some people who want to see quick results. Just half an hour’s serious workout 3 to 4 times a week and quite early after you begin the programme, you will start noticing changes. You will begin to feel stronger, lose fatigue and become flexible. If you use kettlebells correctly, it has been proved scientifically that you can increase your strength.

With any kind of exercise, there has to be consistency. The principle of PFF is that fitness is a lifestyle and not a temporary programme. Hence, with a consistent kettle bell workout plan you can watch the gradual change in you. You will experience the difference. You will also notice how people look at you. Kettlebell is the fastest and best body-shaping technique.

It is wiser to practice kettlebell training as per the instructions of your trainer. Over training is not advisable. If you exercise daily, the intensity should be less. Some movements like swinging are so easy that people tend to do a lot of swinging, which is not good. It can lead to pain in the lower back. Repetition of a single movement can become boring.

Whether you are an athlete or in IT sector or corporate sector, PFF has a wonderful kettlebells training programme that offers numerous advantages. You need not be worried about flattening your stomach or shaping your shoulders. You will enjoy working with the small, attractive kettlebells. You will love the variety in exercises. Your trainer will make it so simple for you, that within a week you will feel that you are an expert! And while you have fun exercising, the kettlebells will be toning and honing your muscles. Moreover, you will be doing something trendy!

Kettlebells training at PFF offers everything you expect from a fitness training program. It is a perfect and enjoyable way to maintain good health and be fit and happy.  Happy kettlebells fitness training!!!

Personal Trainer Exton – Joe Ransom

We are living in an era in which the trend is personalization and customization. There are thousands of organizations that offer solutions to all kinds of problems; but people prefer service providers that customize their services for you. This passion applies to fitness training as well. In fact, fitness training is an area where personal attention is advisable. Individuals differ and constitutions differ. You must look for a personal trainer like Joe Ransom who understands your physique, who is able to identify what is wrong, decide what is to be done and prescribe a fitness schedule that will really work with you. Besides something personal and special, one likes to go for something unique, something uncommon. This is exactly what you get when you choose Passion for fitness for your fitness training.

Joe Ransom

Joe Ransom (Right)

When you look for personal fitness training, you should consider certain factors.

  • The reputation of the organization where you enrol
  • Qualifications of the trainers
  • Experience of the trainers
  • Testimonials
  • Professional attitude
  • Infrastructure
  • Availability of training equipment
  • Quality of equipment
  • Sound and structured plan
  • Flexibility
  • Personal attention

Imagine that a lawyer by profession opens a school. He may do it either because he thinks it is a lucrative business or at the most, he has genuine concern for education. There is a vast difference when a teacher who has a long experience in teaching opens a school. A teacher has first-hand experience of dealing with children and conducting classes. The greatest difference is that the teacher has a passion for teaching. A person driven by passion is obsessed with it. He thinks of it day and night. He cannot live without his object of passion. He is self-inspired and motivated. He becomes creative and can make innovations in his field.

You will meet such an ideal fitness trainer in Exton, PA – Joe Ransom. Joe Ransom, President and Founder of Passion for Fitness, PFF Cardiozone, Passion for Fitness Franchise Company, and partner/owner in Passion Cycles and Bloomington Dynamics.  Joe has been training and teaching students (clients) for 12 years and is certified in personal training and sports plyometrics through the National Endurance Sports Training Association. He has owned and operated private personal training fitness studios for 10 years and is also FMS Levels 1 and 2 and Strong First Kettlebells certified.

Joe’s own personal focus, drive, and attention to detail are apparent in his business, where they focus on proper body mechanics and unique program designs.  This is paramount to his philosophy on personal training and one of Passion for Fitness’ main founding principles. His genuine passion for fitness has given him the strength to inspire and influence his clients. He believes that fitness is critical to overall well-being and happiness. Money and riches are futile if you cannot enjoy them on account of health issues. Until people face some kind of health problem, they do not realize the importance of exercise and fitness. There are a number of options to choose from, but you must carefully choose an effective workout that suits your constitution and inclination. Joe Ransom is the best personal trainer in Exton who not only offers individualized fitness programs but accompanies you like a friend and guide throughout, encouraging you and meting out advice, caring about your health and fitness.

Accordingly, at Joe Ransom’s PFF, you will get the following services and benefits:

  • Exclusive, private personal training setting
  • Individualized, one-to-one session
  • Certified, well-qualified, skilled personal trainer
  • Customized programme developed specifically for you
  • A systematic plan based on your needs and goals
  • Plan based on your injuries and health concerns
  • A progressive programme with assured results

The aim is to bring about a positive change in you, to set you on a path leading to ultimate health and fitness. Joe Ransom believes that fitness training is a lifestyle and not a programme. A programme continues for a fixed duration. If the goal of a programme is weight-loss, but if weight is regained later on, the programme cannot be called effective. Fitness is not a temporary phase. It must continue throughout life, till the end. Joe Ransom insists that an effective programme must change the very lifestyle of an individual. It should set the person on the path of fitness that he can follow regularly. Joe Ransom’s expertise enables him to develop programmes based on scientific principles. He has thorough knowledge about human physique and the process of metabolism. So who else can be a better personal trainer for you?

Besides a sound fitness programme, you have interesting options to choose from at PFF. Joe Ransom has developed a unique programme called Progress with Passion in order to help every client reach their fitness goals safely and quickly. It is a platform that tailors each session to meet a client’s needs by focusing on one of the five phases. This progressive philosophy uses strategies that take a client to a higher level, no matter their age, condition, or injuries. The five phases are passion weight loss, passion strength, passion function, passion sports and passion performance. You can select a programme as per your fitness goals.

Joe’s interest in his clients’ well-being motivates him on a daily basis to never give up, personally and professionally.  He believes passionately that fitness is critical to overall well-being and tries to instil this in his employees, clients, friends, family members and even strangers!  This has led to Joe becoming a successful small business owner respected by hundreds of current and former clients.

Under Joe’s tutelage, Passion for Fitness has become a well-known and renowned company in Exton and no other company holds a candle to their achievements.  The future for Passion for Fitness is bright as the model spreads across the nation with franchises. Joe Ransom truly inspires people to do things they never thought possible because Joe makes it possible.  This very attitude is at the core of his business and behind everything that his company does.

Joe’s passion for fitness and concern for universal health is his driving force. This is the strength of Passion for Fitness, it is at the core of success.

Menopause and Weight Gain


Midlife is a time that researchers have often pointed to as the most satisfying period of
life. The midlife crisis is largely a myth, and the 40’s and 50’s can be viewed more accurately as the calm after the storm. Generally, Individuals tend to enjoy their highest financial earning power during this time. Family connections provide a sense of security and emotional support, and the angsty concerns of adolescence and young adulthood are no longer a factor. One negative stereotype of midlife that does hold true is the reality of physical decline. Physical abilities peak during young adulthood, after which senescence, the natural physical decline that comes with aging, sets in at different rates. For women (and men, although the definition for them is less precise) this means eventually reaching menopause.The body changes physiologically during and after menopause, most notably in the decreased production of estrogen. Estrogen is cardioprotective, and is largely responsible for the low rates of cardiac events in women before menopause. Weight gain is also common in women as age increases, and menopause is often blamed. A direct link between menopause and weight gain has not been established, and it is thought that aging and decreased physical activity are primarily responsible for increases in weight. While menopause is unavoidable for women in midlife and may seem daunting, it is entirely possible to maintain good health!

Age and menopause status are two factors among many which predict weight gain and
overall health. Diet, physical activity, sleep patterns, mental health, education level,
socioeconomic status and more may be much better predictors of health than weight or age.
Body mass index (BMI) is the most frequently used tool to determine if an individual is of a
healthy weight. BMI is calculated using height and weight, so these are the only factors
considered when using BMI. BMI is often criticized as an ineffective tool because it is not a very accurate measure of body composition- the  ratio of fat mass to fat free mass. It is possibly for a muscular individual to classify as overweight or obese when in fact they have a healthy percentage of fat mass.

It has also been found that it is possible to be classified as overweight or obese, but to
be metabolically healthy (good lipid profile, insulin sensitivity). Exercise has been called a
miracle drug for its ability to maintain good metabolic health in individuals throughout the
lifespan, sometimes independent of weight gain. Exercise also helps to prevent weight gain, although it is needed at a volume larger than the minimum recommendation of 150 minutes per week. If this volume of exercise is not realistic, smaller and smaller amounts of exercise (110 min per day) have been shown in recent studies to have metabolic benefits.
As age increases and weight inevitably rises, it is important to remember that this is
natural and OK! While the link between menopause and weight gain is not directly established, a redistribution of fat has been established. Women tend to have fat distributed around the hips and thighs before menopause, and the abdominal area after menopause. Again, this is a natural, almost universal change. It is, however, important to remember that it is a slippery slope from natural weight gain to unhealthy weight gain, and exercise is an important tool to maintain good health.

The standard recommendation for volume of exercise for adults is 150 minutes of
moderate intensity aerobic activity with flexibility and resistance training twice a week. 75
minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic exercise will also suffice, or some combination of
intensities. A sedentary individual can work up to the standard requirements, and going beyond them will help prevent weight gain and stimulate weight loss. Combined with a healthy diet, stress management and adequate sleep, menopause should not have a huge impact on overall health. While these elements are easier said to control than done, tackling them with small steps or all at once, depending on the strategies that work best for each individual, will improve quality of life in more ways than just preventing weight gain.


Passion for Fitness: The Best Fitness Training in Phoenixville

Who doesn’t like to live a fit and healthy life? If you ask anyone if he/she loves fitness training, no one will deny it. Do they take any special efforts to remain fit? Well, some do and some don’t. What can be done for fitness? The answer will be of course, take exercise. Then ask the question, why do you take exercise? And look at the different answers you will get….

  • I take exercise because I want to look good in stylish clothes.
  • I take exercise because I am diabetic.
  • Well, I take exercise to burn out calories.
  • I take exercise because it keeps me fresh and active throughout the day.
  • I take exercise because I don’t want to look old very soon.
  • I take exercise because the doctor has advised me.
  • All my friends take exercise, so I follow them.

These are only some of the reasons, but there may be many more and very strange ones. What do you notice from all the above answers?

There are few people who will give the following type of answers:

“Several things: my overall health, fitness raises my self- esteem mentally and physically and I just feel better about my day and about myself when I work-out.”

“It gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Not only am I working towards looking and feeling good, I am improving the quality and quantity of my life.”

It is only people who feel this way really understand what they love, what they are passionate about. Most people are directed towards exercise. For them, exercise is a means to an end, and each one has a different end. There are few who love exercise for its own sake. Few people have a real passion for fitness.

So let fitness be your goal. Once you develop a passion for fitness, all other things will automatically follow.

We have a tendency to put fitness training after everything else. Hence, we find it difficult to develop regular habits like eating well, sleeping and exercise. We prefer to spend time on something else like watching TV or chatting on social media sites or playing games on the cell phone. You always convince yourself that you have no time for exercise. Surprisingly, life has a way of filling up your days and months leaving you with no time for yourself.

So how will you find time enough for regular workout, regular meals, enough rest and sleep so that you remain fit? And remember, fitness implies physical as well as mental fitness. If you want to maintain balance and perform well at the workplace, live a happy and balanced life, be prepared for hardships and challenges, you must remain physically and mentally fit. Which kind of exercise should you take? When? What should be your diet? Instead of designing your fitness chart on you own, it is wiser to seek guidance from fitness experts. Selecting appropriate fitness training methods is important for a number of reasons.

Fitness Training

Important factors in fitness training

Training intensity: This refers to how hard you should exercise. Optimal training intensity depends on the individual. A very weak individual should take little exercise. A fat individual must begin with little exercise and increase the intensity gradually. A person who has gone through by-pass, who has heart problem should not exert too much. Someone with aching limbs, migraines, chronic cough or cold must not take exercise without advice from experts.

Training duration: This too depends upon the individual. 40 to 45 minutes exercise daily is enough for a normal person. Doubling the time is not going to accelerate reducing fats. After a certain point, the negative effects of exercise begin to play. Hence, do not make the mistake of exercising every time you get an opportunity in the day, for the sake of thinning quickly. You must give enough time for achieving results. You will begin noticing positive symptoms after two to three months minimum.

Training frequency: Ideally, you must take exercise daily. Early morning is the best time but whenever you take exercise, see that you do it at the same time every day. This is because the body gets used to a routine regarding eating food, digestion and so on. Evening is a good time if you can’t make it in the morning. If you cannot manage daily exercise, you must manage it at least three times every week.

Fitness training methods

  • Weight training: The objective of weight training is t develop muscle power. It consists of lifting heavy objects like dumbbells that offer resistance. It increases physical work capacity, improves bone density and improves ability to perform daily activities.
  • Circuit training: This type of training strengthens muscles at the same times it increases heart rate. It exercises your arms, legs and back. It is useful for athletes and helps to improve their performance. Circuit training is an excellent option to help you lose weight along with a healthy diet. So if you need to lose weight because you have a condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, this may be a good choice for you. It is rather intense, so check with your doctor or trainer before you try it.
  • Plyometric training: It is useful for developing power of leg muscles. It consists of activities like jumping, hopping or bounding. Exercise should not be continuous; it should be broken by rest periods. Your fitness trainer will tell you whether you need it and which kind of exercise is suitable for you.
  • Interval training: The norm is to do intense workout for a short duration followed by a rest period three times longer than the period of intense exercise. It is generally alternated with other training methods. It is useful if you are preparing for longer events. It improves both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
  • Continuous training: It consists of aerobic activities 3 to 4 times a week. Examples include aerobic exercises, cycling, and swimming, running or jogging. It is ideal for beginners. The advantages are burning calories and weight loss.

Developing a passion for fitness

Every new venture involves teething problems and fitness is no exception. Initially you will experience pain in the legs and back; you may feel exhausted, sleepy and ill. You may not e able to put off the image of your warm and cosy bed which will keep luring you. You may think it is wasteful stupidity to go out early in the morning and jump and run till you sweat when you can be lying comfortably in your bed and dreaming or snoring. Making up your mind and getting out of the bed is the crucial step; once you start getting ready, you will look forward to exercise. A fitness training schedule followed strictly for a month or two and there you are. You will never miss it; if you are travelling or sick and happen to miss it, you will get irritated. This is the first positive symptom towards developing a passion for fitness. The as you go on, you will simply love your light step, your high spirit, your buoyancy and overall energy level. Once you begin on the path to health and fitness your spirit, mind, and body begin to change. Research shows that it takes approximately 30 -40 days to establish a new habit, or stop an old one. In reality to stop an old habit you must establish a new one to replace it.

Gradually, others will notice the difference in you. Your body will take the right shape, you will lose unwanted fat, your eyesight will improve and every body part will feel more flexible, till the tip of your fingers and toes. Headaches will be part of history. You will start getting calls from your family doctor who will miss you. You will conquer hot temper attacks and learn to be cool, balanced and peaceful.

That’s it. A peaceful mind is a sign of happiness and it is happiness that we all struggle for. Once you reach this stage, it can be said that you have developed a passion for fitness, overall fitness, fitness of body and mind. Remember, a fit and balanced mind is as important as a healthy and fit body. Then workouts will become a lifestyle and cease to become a fitness programme. That’s precisely the reason why you should join Passion-for-fitness. We have centers in Phoenixville and Exton and the locations are ideal for the neighborhoods Downingtown, Lionville, West Chester, Eagle & Paglenmore.  Here’s where you will get an expert personal trainer who will set you off with a studies schedule of appropriate intensity, duration and frequency, along with valuable tips regarding your diet.

Progress with Passion is a unique program created by Passion for Fitness to help every client reach their fitness goals safely and quickly. It is a platform that tailors each session to meet a client’s needs by focusing on one of the five phases. This progressive philosophy uses strategies that take a client to a higher level, no matter their age, condition, or injuries. The programme includes overweight assessment, meal plans from dieticians, safe and basic exercises and weekly weigh-ins. All these factors make Passion for Fitness the best fitness training center in Phoenxiville for a fit life.

At Passion-for Fitness, there will be regular weight checks and constant monitoring of your progress, until you develop a real passion for fitness, because we train you with a passion for fitness!!!


Why you need a personal gym trainer?

There was a doctor who worked in a strange way. Whenever a patient came to him, he would order the nurse to give him a red tablet, followed by a green capsule, and occasionally distilled water injection. He had the same prescription whatever the complaint. Let us not go into the future of the doctor, but this is to bring to your notice that when your health is concerned, you cannot take risks. The same formula does not work for everyone. Fitness training is directly related to your health, and when you choose a personal fitness trainer, you can’t take the decision lightly.

Personal Gym Trainer in Exton

We are all not same in every regard. Each individual has a different physique, a different constitution and different needs. Not that a general kind of exercise like going for a walk or jogging is not useful. What you MUST understand is that in modern times, we are all engaged in different kinds of work styles, most of them unnatural. Some are required to travel continuously; some have to sit for long hours in front of the computer, some have to be out in the sun all day and some have to labour in the midst of smoke and noise. Those who work in night shifts lead an extremely unnatural life; their body clock is tuned differently. Whatever the nature of your work, you have to remain fit and fine so that you can continue to work in the same routine without any health problems.  Hence, it is clear that your fitness training needs differ according to your lifestyle and work style. It is precisely for this reason that you need a personal gym trainer who will offer fitness plans customized to your specific needs. Going for a walk or jogging are things that you can do for yourself; but a personal trainer will do something more, something extra. His advice is special, based on knowledge, experience and specialization.

When do you need a personal gym trainer?

  • Newbie: If you have just started exercising or joined a gym, you must consult a professional trainer. As a newbie, your attempts are like aimless wandering. Of course, you don’t have an idea how certain muscle groups work. An unguided workout may prove to be waste of time and money. A personal trainer will assess your needs and give you the right direction.
  • Your goals: You experience some problem like some aching body part or obesity and you know that you must deal with it. You realize that the only solution is exercise; but you put it off as long as you can until it becomes unbearable. Then suddenly you get a feeling of fear: what will happen if I neglect myself longer? One fine morning you make up your mind to reduce weight or exercise seriously. This serious impulse is also vigorous. It compels you to pursue unrealistic goals. You begin to exercise rigorously. This can be dangerous. Exercise does not work like a magic wand. You cannot expect instantaneous results. So you need a trainer to device you regarding the duration and intensity of a workout. You may damage some muscles or ligaments if your goals are not practical.
  • Social contacts: Some people can work out alone very comfortably, attach earphones and listen to music while they cycle and exhaust themselves. Some people feel that they want someone to monitor what they do, otherwise, it goes unnoticed and has no value. They want someone to watch them even as they pant and puff. If you are of the latter type, you need a trainer who will be with you all the time, give you some instructions occasionally, stand by you and make some nice comment and pat you on the shoulder as he passes by.
  • Injuries and negative effects: When you try to manage your own workout, you may find yourself getting injured frequently. Sometimes, you may experience too much fatigue. So instead of keeping you fresh and active throughout the day, exercise may make you feel tired and lethargic. It is time you hire a personal trainer to prevent further harm to your mind and body.
  • Body Proportion: If your body is completely out of shape, if friends start telling you directly that you look awful, let a trainer take charge of you. Only a personal trainer can bring you back to normal shape, so don’t hesitate.

Role and responsibilities of a personal gym trainer

  • Assessment: The first task that a fitness trainer does is to gather detailed information about the client including age, gender, height and weight. The trainer goes through the medical history of the client to check whether he/she has diabetes, blood pressure, chronic illness, and whether he/she has undergone any surgery. Information about the client’s profession or jib gives the trainer an idea about the client’s daily activity level. At times, the trainer has to consult the client’s physician and obtain a clearance certification in case the client is on medication. The trainee also seeks information about the client’s eating habits, sleeping schedules and water intake.
  • Exercise structure: The next step is to prepare an exercise structure for the client based on the information gathered. The trainer will decide what kind of exercise is suitable for the client. The period, duration and intensity of each type of exercise is also planned. This plan is not permanent. Sometimes, objectives are achieved in stages. For example, before preparing someone as an athlete, it will be necessary to reduce weight. Sometimes, a particular type of exercise proves painful to a client. The trainer may have to change it. So the exercise structure is implemented and reviewed from time to time and changes are made as necessary. The exercise structure also depends upon the goals of the client. For example, there will be different programmed for weight gain and weight loss.

Training: Fitness programmes have to be implemented scientifically to avoid harm. The trainer provides detailed instructions about how to do the exercises or use implements. He instructs the client regarding the direction of movement of limbs, the speed with which to make movements, the correct posture for every exercise, the order in which the exercises should be taken and so on. Initially the clients have to be monitored closely. A personal trainer is expected to pay personal, individual attention to every client. He has to aid and assist a new client at every step. Personal gym trainers provide instructions about specific resistance movements and the number of sets and repetitions a client should perform during an exercise session. Personal trainers demonstrate the appropriate technique for completing exercise movements and evaluate progress. Trainers must ensure that a client has enough recovery time between workouts. Recovery time depends on the intensity of an individual workout session.

Dietary recommendations: Mere exercise is not sufficient for fitness. Diet and exercise are two sides of the same coin. They function together and help the client to achieve fitness goals. Exercise will be futile if an individual stuffs himself with sweets and fried foods continuously. Hence, it is the personal gym trainer’s responsibility to set a weekly diet plan. He has to advise the client regarding which type of food should be avoided. The diet is fixed according to fitness goals. Personal Gym Trainers must provide charts and tables to help a client make informed meal and meal timing decisions. Trainers may recommend dietary supplements that can help a client meet specific fitness goals such as protein shakes for lean muscle gain or vitamins for exercise recovery.

  • Motivation: Part of trainer’s duty is to encourage and motivate the client. trainers must explain the importance of fitness, the working of the body, various systems, undesirable habits, importance of hygiene and all related health issues to the client.
  • Monitoring: periodically, the trainer must check BP, pulse, weight etc. of the client to see how he is progressing. Modifications in diet or exercises can be made accordingly. the trainer cannot prescribe a programme and stop there. A regular follow-up is also his responsibility.
  • Evaluation: Finally, the trainer has to evaluate whether the goals have been achieved within the stipulated period or whether it took longer. He has to investigate reasons for not meeting goals. Every client is a new learning experience for the trainer and it boosts his confidence. The trainer provides feedback to the client.

Group Training vs Personal Training

In group training, individual differences are not taken into account. A general type of exercise may not suit all. The general goal is fitness. Normal individuals whose sole aim is to take exercise are fine with group trainers. Sick people with health or physical problems must hire personal trainers. The trainer cannot pay individual attention to every person. The instructions are given at once to all. Some clients do not understand some of them. The trainer cannot remember details about everyone in a group. He does not carry out a need-based assessment as it is not required. He gives only general instructions regarding diet. It is impossible to monitor the progress of every individual in a group. The fitness programme for a group is not customized for every individual. One can compare this to a classroom situation where there are numerous students and one teacher. The results are bound to vary for group training and personal training.

A personal trainer is like a friend, philosopher and guide. He is your partner in maintaining your health. An intimate relationship of trust develops gradually with a personal fitness trainer. Before he can guide and mentor you, he understands you well. He also takes care that you maintain a balanced state of mind, that you are free from stress or fear and enjoy a state of overall happiness. His task extends planning and instruction; he motivates and inspires you. He is responsible for changing your lifestyle. Like your shadow, he is always with you. He is also accountable if something goes wrong.

Remember, the responsibility of managing your fitness is a shared responsibility. You cannot just hire a trainer and blame him for not getting results. Ultimately, it is your body; he can only guide you but you have to follow his instructions honestly and faithfully. A personal fitness trainer cannot succeed without your co-operation, your support and active, willing participation.

Passion for fitness

Enjoy the benefits of personal fitness training by registering with Passion for Fitness, which  is the best and ideal fitness center in Exton.

Since 2005, Passion for Fitness has been a private personal fitness training studio, which started in Phoenixville, PA and after steady growth in just two short years a second location opened in Exton, PA. We have prestigious clients pouring in large numbers from neighbouring areas of Chestersprings, Paglenmore, Collegeville, Oaks, Downing Town, Lionville. We are on the path of expansion and in search of franchise partners. Each client spells our success story.

Each personal gym trainer is trained and duly certified. Our trainers apply fundamental exercise science principles to design fitness programs that help meet health and fitness goals in public and private settings. These trainers teach you how to reach your individual fitness goals and they are responsible for using and promoting safe exercise prescriptions. Personal trainers keep up to date with current industry standards and practices by completing periodic continuing education requirements.

With the simple goal to change the lifestyles of our members and their families, we have propelled forward, gaining the status of being one of the top rated health and fitness facilities in the region. Passion for Fitness and its qualified team of professionals strive daily for excellence and will settle for nothing less!

We offer services like Overweight Fitness Assessment, Registered Dietician Meal-Plans, Safe, Basic Resistance Exercises and Weekly Weigh-ins. We strictly follow a programme starting with screening of clients, implementation of the programme and followed by assessment, implementation of changes and modifications, re-assessment and so on until the goals are reached.

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Why go in for passion for fitness franchise?

The basic desires of human beings are limited. Every individual wishes for food, shelter good health and happiness. The first two can be purchased with the help of money. The latter ones have to be earned and achieved. Health and happiness are interdependent; if you have one, you can have the other. An unhealthy person cannot be expected to be happy. Life can be enjoyed only of you enjoy health. Hence, physical fitness is a key to happiness.

Passion for fitness franchise

In the current lifestyle, there is so much competition and explosion of knowledge, information, technology, communication, interaction, virtual experiences that it is difficult to find time to satisfy basic needs like hunger. Schedules are tight, deadlines are fixed and there is not a moment to snatch a few morsels of food. How can one find tome for exercise? You can kill hunger by swallowing tablets; however, there is no short path to fitness. And yet, if you can get some model, some brief plan that suits your body which can help you to remain fit and healthy, those deadlines and targets will not be so scary.

If you decide to offer fitness plans for the typical workaholics in the modern age, you will be doing a Samaritan task. Fitness has become a multi-billion dollar industry today. What you need is an ideal model to emulate ad implement. There are fitness clubs that offer franchise opportunities, but you must choose one carefully. Remember, your reputation in the fitness industry will depend upon your parent partner. Hence, you must make a wise choice so that you will not have to regret later.

Choosing a fitness franchise partner…

  • Make a thorough research of available fitness franchises. See what they have to offer. Examine the quality of services. Visit the fitness clubs/ centres at least once and survey the situation with an eagle’s eye.
  • Meet a few clients and get them talking causally. Ask them about their experiences, what they have gained, what improvements are needed and take their suggestions.
  • See if you can get a free trail deal for a brief period. At least pursue the owner to allow you to partner for a brief period as trial. Do not go for a permanent contract immediately.
  • Look for a sound professional model. Do not be carried away by promises and assurances without verifying circumstances personally.
  • Understand the financials. Calculate investment capital, overheads, salaries, emergencies, and advertising costs and decide how long you can afford to pull on until breakeven point. How many years will be required for actually making profits?
  • Get in writing what cooperation and support you will get from the fitness club owner annually and for how many years. Let the documentation be clear and precise. Hire an advocate to make the proceedings legal.
  • Go ahead with project if and only if you think you will lie to indulge in fitness training. It is important that you enjoy what you do.

When you get a Passion for Fitness franchise, you will be buying years of proven personal training experience and a mature, thorough, progressive philosophy. The experience at Passion for Fitness is unique and unparalleled in the fitness industry. As a Passion for Fitness owner, you can bring our cutting edge, healthy, life-changing programs to your clients, too!

We offer our clients many tangible and intangible benefits like private and personal training, PFF tools, injury prevention, effective strategies and efficient results.

You too can offer the same to your clients. At the same time, you can get the following fitness franchise benefits:

  • High customer loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Proven methods and systems
  • Unique concept for Wight loss

So hurry up and spread the passion for fitness by joining hands with…Passion for fitness!!